Job Title:  Central Montana Agri Tech Park Sanitary Sewer Extension

1.Central Plumbing & Heating (General Contractor)

3701 River Drive North

Great Falls, MT 59405

2.Product / Service:  Sewer main extension

3.Contracting Agency / Customer:    

City of Great Falls

1025 25th Ave NE. 

Great Falls, MT 59404

4.Contract Number:  N/A

5.Contract Dollar Value:  Private

6.Period of Performance:  September 2013 – October 2013

7.Name, Address, and Telephone number of Contracting Officer:

Dave Dobbs

City of Great Falls Engineering


8.Contractor Performance (Description of efforts):

•  Installation 3812 LF of 24″, 18″, 15″, 12″, and 8″ sewer main for new Agri Tech Park Subdivision

•  Work included manhole structures, a 60 LF bore under the railroad tracks and surface restoration