Job Title:  Rainbow Dam Penstock and Flowline Decommissioning

1.Central Plumbing & Heating (General Contractor)

3701 River Drive North

Great Falls, MT 59405

2.Product / Service:  Demolition of 52 Housing Units with all associated utilities and amenities Site demo, earthwork and utilities

3.Contracting Agency / Customer:    PPL Montana

4.Contract Number:  N/A

5.Contract Dollar Value:  Private

6.Period of Performance:  July 2013 – December 2013

7.Name, Address, and Telephone number of Contracting Officer:

 Jeremy Butcher

PPL Montana, LLC

336 Rainbow Dam Road

Great Falls, MT 59404

 8.Comments regarding compliance with contract terms and conditions:  Project was the decommissioning of many extremely well built dam and pipeline components that were well over 100 years old.  Along with working adjacent to an active power generating facility there were many challenges that had to be over come but over all the project was completed ahead of schedule and safety was at the forefront of every activity.

9.Comments regarding any know performance deemed unacceptable:  None know.

10.Contractor Performance (Description of efforts):

•  Demolish approximately 1.5 miles of 15′ diameter steel pipe

•  Demolish two 30 DIA surge tanks

•  Removal 10 head gates and all associated components

•  Removal and backfilling of surge chamber, associated gates and screens along with multiple 8′ diameter penstocks

•  Demolish 3 bridges

•  Complete reclamation and re-vegatation of all areas impacted during decommissioning