Job Title:  Balfour Beatty Communities Titan Village Demolition (52 Units)

1.Central Plumbing & Heating (General Contractor)

3701 River Drive North

Great Falls, MT 59405

2.Product / Service:  Demolition of 52 Housing Units with all associated utilities and amenities

3.Contracting Agency / Customer:    

BBC AF Management/Development LLC

112 South Perimeter Road

MAFB, MT 59402

4.Contract Number:  N/A

5.Contract Dollar Value:  Private

6.Period of Performance:  January 2013 – May 2013

7.Name, Address, and Telephone number of Contracting Officer:

 PCO – Lars Nelson

BBC AF Management/Development LLC


 8.Comments regarding compliance with contract terms and conditions:  The project was a large site that required and extreme amount of SWPPP management to ensure compliance.  We also had a large scope of work to perform in a tight time frame.  We manned the project correctly from the beginning to ensure we would be ahead of schedule to ensure project completion.

9.Comments regarding any know performance deemed unacceptable:  The owner had told us that we did not import enough dirt for the project.  We hired a surveyor to prove that we did import more than what was required.

10.Contractor Performance (Description of efforts):

•  Demolition of 52 housing units

•  Termination of all associated utilities (Water, Sewer, Electrical, Communications)

•  Abatement and removal of required environmental sensitive materials including AC watermain.

•  Concrete, Curb and Gutter, and Asphalt Removal

•  Clearing and Grubbing

•  Tree Removal

•  Grading and Revegetation in park areas

•  Overall recycling effort that exceeded project goals and contractual requirements